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She Moves Red

She moves from the mystery at the center of her heart
casting her red passion into the sphere of Life
not knowing what's next, not needing to know

This is a different kind of knowing altogether
of blood and bone, senses and skin
of the pregnant unknown between falling and balance
where smallness begins to feel it's vastness
where the edges of things disappear

It's a ballet and the dancer is possessed by
something beyond her, she spins from a center
connected to every other body near
and far

A natural intelligence that is infinite
moves and breathes this body
and she cannot say for certain it is hers

The world planted seeds of pain in her, with roots
down deep into the places where memories go to hide
a wild animal inside her, craving liftoff into ecstasy
kept bound by the urge to control

She moves red with anger at the insanity of man
at his hungry pursuit of power over people and things
she moves red, vowing to ease others' suffering
while she unravels the tangle of her own discontent

She moves in a red dress
with eyes drawn to her like gravity
wanting to know the secrets underneath the silk
She moves red in the tongue and lips that kiss
pulled ever so close by the longing to feel complete

She moves red in the flower patiently
awaiting the attention of bees
she moves red at sunset when the clouds
dance in the fading light that paints

A natural intelligence that is infinite
moves and breathes this body
moves all this life around the Sun

The one

if i were to look through the keyhole
of the pair of doors we closed long ago
and see you there looking at me
as only you can

i would throw open these doors
and run to embrace you
as if all the years between us
did not exist

my arms would be vines
wrapped around you twice
my hand finding the back of your neck
which i would inhale
for a whiff of the perfume
your body makes

gazing into your eyes
i would feel for that point
where our souls meet with such spark
where all of Creation fades
into the background of us
where us becomes the flavor of One
i would dwell there with you again so happily
the whole of me a chorus of celebration

instead i lay here imagining you
knowing our time together has passed
you are installed in me
like a centerpiece that cannot be moved
from the table of this feast
other lovers, shadows cast by your luminosity
the incendiary connection i knew with you
always out of reach

me a ghost that moves here and there
seeking but never finding an effulgent Sun
to illumine this dusty Moon

Put Down the Pen

This mind is so clever
it believed I was a separate someone
when in truth I roam this sphere of earth and air
swimming in a sea of creation
that is whole and undivided

each moving body built of energy
a choreography of elegant complexity
perfectly effortless and natural
planets and moons, stars and galaxies
tugging on each other, yearning for closeness.

Come closer still to this secret
spoken by the lips of sages
apparent all around yet buried in the heart
parted from us by thought after thought

put down the pen that keeps writing stories
trade in the copy for the original
let yourself die to what life nakedly is
unadorned by all the labels and commentary.

That which looks out from behind these eyes
was born before mind
and is the freest nothing in the Universe.